Airtel All USSD Code 2022

Bangladesh’s Robi Axiata includes international independent brand Airtel. Robi and Airtel’s offers are almost the same. Bangladesh Airtel operators are the last, but the number of subscribers is not less than other operators. Airtel operators have become popular by meeting all the needs of customers. Keeping pace with modern thinking and progress, Airtel operators have taken a permanent place in the minds of their customers. Airtel operators care about their customers and allow their customers to communicate multiple offers at affordable rates. Airtel operators’ affordable call rates and multiple offers have encouraged customers and increased their subscriber base. Today in this post we will discuss the USSD codes required for balance check of all packages of Airtel operator. We made this post for your convenience. Let’s not look at all the required USSD codes of the Etel operator.

Airtel USSD Codes

High speed network Airtel 4.5G internet service has taken place in the minds of customers from the very beginning. Airtel operators are a bit newer than other operators and customers have not yet fully mastered its usage. So for your convenience, in this post we have highlighted all the USSD codes of Airtel operators. Many of you are looking for Internet Airtel SMS check code, MMS check code, minute check code, balance check code, number check code. In order to solve this problem we have highlighted all the USSD codes of Etel operator in this post.

Airtel All USSD Code 2021
Airtel All USSD Code 2021
  • Balance Check *778#.
  • Show SIM Number *121*6*3#.
  • Package Check *121*8#.
  • Minute Check *778*5# or *778*8#.
  • SMS Check *778*2#
  • MMS Check *222*13#.
  • Data (MB) Check *778*39# or *778*4#.
  • Call Me Back *121*5#.
  • Net Setting Request *140*7#.
  • Miss Call Alert (on) *121*3*4#.

We hope you enjoy this post.The above USSD codes allow you to check the balance of all Ethel operators’ packages. We made this post for your convenience. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
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