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To get more details about Niniek L. Karim, the net worth, age, height, weight, education, occupation, and other details, go to the details below. Niniek L. Karim’s Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, Weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story Niniek L. Karim’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million or approximately INR 12 Crores. Niniek L. Karim is 48 years old and she was born on July 14, 1970, in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is 1.70m tall and she weighs 60kgs. Niniek L. Karim’s Date Of Birth Niniek L. Karim was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on July 14, 1970. Niniek L. Karim’s Age Niniek L. Karim was born on July 14, 1970, and she is 48 years old today. Niniek L. Karim’s Ethnicity/Race Niniek L. Karim was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and she is of French descent. Niniek L.

Early life, education, and career

Niniek is a graduate of Kitia Sofia University in Jakarta. Before acting, Niniek worked in a laboratory for a few years. However, she realized that the lab wasn’t for her and so she quit her job and left Jakarta. Niniek was born in France on 11th February 1985 and is of French and Indonesian descent. Niniek is a good friend of the Indonesian actress Grace Knight and the two of them have worked together in multiple projects. Niniek did not pursue a career in modeling like many other Indonesian celebrities did. At the age of 18, Niniek got her first part in a film and then later moved to New Zealand for another project. She had lots of small parts in New Zealand and made her way back to Indonesia in 2006 to do another small role in a film and to visit her family.

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Niniek L. Karim has acted in numerous Indonesian films. Some of the most prominent film that she has acted in include – – “Mak Silat”, “Manusia Bintang Pelangi”, “Satu Keseharian”, “Setempatan Hati”, “Fatiha”, “Sanja 28”, and “Akhir Anak Menang”. In an interview with the Indonesian film blog Kultu Film Awards, Niniek stated that she has her eyes set on the prestigious “Aksi Cinta Gaben” award. Aksi Cinta Gaben is an award given to outstanding actors and actresses in Indonesia who have displayed their best acting skills. Became a mother Niniek L. Karim is a mother to three children, two boys and a girl. She has three kids. Her sons are named Rahul, Marwan and Yasmina. Her daughter’s name is Maria. Net Worth Niniek L. Karim’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million.


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Niniek was married to Tahar Effendy, the owner of the Bintang Novelty Company, but they divorced after 6 years of marriage. Niniek and Tahar have 3 kids together; Maaem Izzah, Izzah Enyeda, and Norina. Niniek and Tahar have very common traits. Both of their surnames mean “peace”. In an interview, she stated that she is very practical and that is why she chose a name that meant peace, love, and kindness in Javanese. She also added that the name means even more in French as her father is French. Niniek is a very reserved person and does not like to publicize her personal life. However, she did make huge news when she announced her breakup with Tahar on the internet. She actually disclosed that she met him on the social media platform, Facebook.

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Niniek Karim is a well-known actress in Indonesia and is highly esteemed for her work and talents.

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Niniek is a descendant of Indonesian National Hero, General Sudirman, who died when he was not much older than Niniek is. She once held the record of being the highest-paid actress in Indonesia. In 1993 Niniek was the first Indonesian to be crowned “Miss Asia Pacific”. She appeared in the sixth season of Big Brother. In 2007 Niniek became a Christian. She and her husband became known as the latest television couple to have a blended family with their three kids (two of whom were conceived from her previous relationships).

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Niniek is a beautiful woman who has many talents to be proud of. She has a perfect weight-to-height ratio. She has a perfect body which is actually perfect but was not fully utilized in her films. She has won awards and awards after awards in the entertainment industry and now considers herself as a sex symbol. In the year 2008, Niniek quit the showbiz and started an organic farm in her hometown of Indonesia. Here are some interesting facts about Niniek.

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