Apart from her acting career, Yuan Shanshan also runs her own charity for children. She doesn’t believe in nepotism. She does not get involved with her family in her business. Her net worth is currently is approximately $40 million (with a $45 million yearly salary). She once said that if she earns more than $30 million, she will get pregnant with her fourth child.


Childhood, Education, and Biography

The first movie she acted in was one movie called Moonstruck when she was just two years old. Since then she played many roles and received various awards. She even bagged the Asia Pacific Screen Award for Best Actress for her performance in Planet of the Apes in 2001. She has studied in various educational institutes and she is said to have been a very bright student. However, she was expelled from her university for many reasons which include drug abuse, eating disorders and being suspected as a transsexual. Her parents encouraged her to quit studying to have a normal life. The Hollywood actors and actresses she had looked up to include Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie and Kate Winslet.


Career and Awards

Her first play, ‘Huang Wushu’ was performed in Taiwan at the age of five. Her career further progressed when she played the role of Daisy in the play ‘Hundred Flowers’ in her teens. After that, her career in Taiwan had kicked off. She was working on several movies and television series. Yuan Shanshan initially took up the minor role of Feng Zhixin in the movie ‘A Girl in a Ditch’ in 2004. Then she got her first major role in the Chinese TV series ‘Triumph in the Desert’. This film was screened in a total of 85 different countries and was very well received. The next movie ‘Planet of Fire’ was a huge success and Yuan received her first nomination for the Golden Horse Awards.


Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age and Family Facts

Yuan Shanshan has a net worth of approximately $12.5 million. Her annual income is $650 thousand. Her date of birth is September 18, 1977. She is 4.9 feet tall. She is 38 years old. She has a height of 95cm. Yuan Shanshan likes soccer and playing the piano. She is also a painter. She prefers to be the center of attention, and enjoys wearing costumes and outrageous makeup. She is a blogger and a feminist activist. Yuan Shanshan Married, Dating Yuan Shanshan has never been married or in a romantic relationship. She was once romantically linked to a Japanese-American actor Joshua Leonard. She has not dated any of her Hollywood colleagues since in 2007 when she met Daniel Craig on the set of Casino Royale and they dated for a month. Her acting career has been going on for 30 years now.



As in general, we learned that there are no set requirements for a long-life, it depends mostly on health, environment, and the quality of life that a person has. Having children does not guarantee that we will live longer. Nor does it matter if you have a rich lifestyle or are in a humble situation. Nor is it dependent on the gender. Men have the same chances to live to old age as women.


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